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Basic electrical wiring guide

Goodmorning Sac! We know that electricity and residential electrical codes are from from fun to learn about but they are definitely very important. Every homeowner should at least know the bare minimums to make sure that they can speak intelligently on the subject and more importantly be able to identify situations that are electrically wrong […]

Home Electrical Repairs

You ask yourself why would you need to call an electrician for home electrical repairs. Well, without power, televisions, radios, all the appliances and numerous other things that you have inside of your home would not be able to work! Nowadays, since we are living in time of high technology, we are absolutely dependent on […]

Why You Shouldn’t do Your Own Electrical Work

There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t do your own electrical work. I remember when I was being trained on the job as a young man and the master electrician that I worked with would teach me these important lessons. It is so critical to be safe when dealing with electricity and I have […]

Why we need electricians

So while sitting here at the office after hours I was browsing through some random electrician articles and stumbled upon this one. I am 100% positive that electricians just aren’t valued enough in this day and age. I remember 10+ years ago when being an electrician on the job-site used to really mean something. People […]

Picking the right pro

Electricians are no different than any other professionals. We all have certain areas of specialty and most all of us (at least the honest ones) have areas of weaknesses as well. There are certain electricians for example that purely do underground work and they prefer this style of work, Service upgrades, Trenching division, generator hookups […]

How Important is It to Hire A Licensed Electrician?

One of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to hiring a professional to take care of your home electrical needs is making sure that they are a sacramento licensed electrician. There are shortcuts that amateurs will take when doing electrical work that a professional just would never do. A perfect example […]

New Electrician Blog

We have just opened up this brand new electrician blog section for our fellow sacramento community members to read about and enjoy some posts, articles and recommendations. We will be keeping this section of the website extremely up to date and fresh with all types of news and information in regards to both sacramento and […]