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Sacramento, CA Landscape Lighting Installation



Once you’ve gone all out to make your house perfect just the way you always wanted, don’t let all that beauty and fine artistry disappear as the sun sets. With landscape lighting done professionally you can completely transform your garden into a breathtaking paradise. With just a simple flip of a switch you can put your house and garden back on a magnificent display. 

Landscape Lighting Design is a skilled art that is both practical and aesthetically enjoyable. The masters of this art strive to satisfy the following lighting goals simultaneously.

  1. Security Lighting
  2. Safety Lighting
  3. Task Lighting.
A picture of a gorgeous landscape illuminated

Beautiful Landscape Lighting

The results of these three aspects of outdoor lighting when blended together, greatly enhance the experience of homeowners and serve many of their functional needs. Every property needs some sort of illumination and homeowners would be best served by hiring a professional to design and install their landscape lighting.

It goes without saying that a well lit home is less likely to be broken into than a poorly lit home. Done right, landscape will highlight all the best parts of your garden and house by using shades and tones to bring to life your favorite trees, bushes and sculptures.

No need to worry about high electricity bills, although most outdoor lighting is left on all night, today most  landscape lighting is low voltage. This makes it safer for you and easier for us to install.  There’s no limit to the effects that can be achieved through landscape lighting: spot lights highlighting a beam or wall, trail lights that mark a path or a soft light blanketing a distance group of plants. More than just picking the right hardware, a pleasing lighting scheme is also about artistry.

Dream Lighting in Sacramento

Finding a professional landscape electrician is important in being about to bring out the best of your home and garden at night.  We offer our artistic expertise to design your landscape lighting in a manner that is perfectly suited to your yard and personal preferences.

Our lighting objective is to meet all Sacramento’s outdoor lighting needs by addressing the aesthetic, the safety, and the security of your business or your home, and the surrounding property. This is no small task understanding and combining all the factors that go into it, many of them never seen to the normal eyes, however the final product is far worth any amount of work put into it. It’s an art to understand how much light to place on a house or determine where the focal points are. Our outdoor lighting experts are there to assist you every step of the way.

A picture of sacramento landscape lighting

We pride ourselves in bringing out the best in every garden and every home, bringing out the complete beauty of your property.

Our customers in the Sacramento area love their outdoor landscape lighting we provide!

We will work closely with you until we create your desired lighting effects. We make it so that your Outdoor lighting will be both functional and aesthetic.

Our Outdoor Lighting Services include:

  • Custom outdoor lighting design & installation
  • Landscape lighting cable laying
  • Nighttime lighting demonstration prior to purchase
  • Prompt & reliable repair & maintenance services
  • Design and Landscape Lighting
  • Quality lights, low voltage LED lights
  • Warranties on all bulbs installed in our outdoor lighting systems
  • Lifetime warranty on all outdoor lighting fixtures & transformers we install

We proudly serve all of Sacramento and we look forward to working with you! Contact us to learn more about our landscape lighting design services here in Sacramento.

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