Month: May 2015

What is an Electrician?

What is an Electrician? If your house needs the installation of a new electrical system, embarking on this project as a DIY task could be risky. This is why you need the services of a licensed, insured, professional and qualified electrician. If the electrical system within a building has developed problems thus in need of […]

Problems with Zinsco Electrical Panels

We have had customers calling us for years here in Northern California with problems they are experiencing with their Zinsco electric panel. These panels have been causing problems for a long time now and a lot of people consider them a hazard. It has definitely become a confusing subject because problems with the Zinsco panels […]

Basic electrical wiring guide

Goodmorning Sac! We know that electricity and residential electrical codes are from from fun to learn about but they are definitely very important. Every homeowner should at least know the bare minimums to make sure that they can speak intelligently on the subject and more importantly be able to identify situations that are electrically wrong […]