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If you need an electrical services in Sacramento, CA, or the surrounding areas, look no further. Our team of highly trained professionals have over 75 years of combined experience in our 25 years in business. We not only provide outstanding home electric and local electric service, but we also give every customer the knowledge that they need when it comes to any electrical repairs.

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    Common Electrical Services

    We are your one-stop-shop for ALL of your electrical needs in the Sacramento area. This includes residential electrical services when you encounter problems with electric circuits, electrical switches and outlets, smoke detectors, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures or if you need a recessed lighting installation. We also handle other electrical services and electrical installation services and upgrades, such as: home rewiring or wiring a new construction on the property, electric panel upgrade, breaker box repair, troubleshooting circuit breakers.

    We offer great electrical service, our expertise is professional and unmatched. We thoroughly investigate the property for any possible safety hazards in the electrical grounding of a home, we check if the smoke detectors are working properly, we check that the outlets and switches in the home are working well and that there is sufficient surge protection on the appliances and electronic being used. We know the importance of electrical repair and safety and keep the safety of our customers in our highest regard during our electrical services.

    We can help you keep your electric systems up to date, offer eco-friendly and cost friendly options for your home and businesses. It’s our motto that no job is too big or small and absolutely nothing that can’t be handled. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer care service, when in need of support. [1]

    Residential Services

    When you are in need of electric service for your home, you are going to want a professional residential electrician who is familiar with your city and understands the type of houses they are working on. We have a professional electrician ready to tackle any electrical repair that you may have in your home. From large electrical service jobs such as electrical wiring, breaker box repair, updating electrical systems and upgrading an electrical panel. Down to something as small as a new ceiling fan installation or checking electrical circuits and other electric repair services. Read More

    Commercial Services

    For those who own their own business or have a commercial building in the area, having a Sacramento electrical contractor on speed dial can be the difference between a blacked out office and regaining electricity quickly. As one of the top Sacramento commercial electrical contractors, our team can assist you with any type of electrical service your business may need. Read More

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    After all the years our company has been in business, we’ve found that we get certain questions over and over. We’ve created a short section below of issues and answers in an attempt to answer as many questions as we can for you.

    Yes and no. An electrical contracting company general employs more people and takes on bigger jobs.
    Although we would love to give customers an answer to this we simply cannot. Every job is unique and thus requires different associated costs. Most of the time when you speak to a technician he can give you a better idea of what’s involved.
    We are a family owned company serving Sacramento, Sacramento county and the nearby areas with the best electrical service. Nearby cities we service: We off great service to the Sacramento area with the best electricians and electric service.

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