Surge Protection and Lightning Protection in Sacramento, CA

Did you know that just in the United States, power surges cause hundreds of millions of dollars of property damage every year.

Have you ever wondered what causes power surges? Where do they come from? Why do they happen? More importantly, how you can protect yourself and your property from them?

electrical surge protectionA surge is when a large amount of excessive electricity is suddenly passed through a current. The most common causes of power surges happen when there are thunderstorms. As lightning strikes it can cause the power to go off, as the power comes back on a surge is likely to occur. This can result in huge amounts of electrical damage depending on the severity of the surge. Our electricians are well versed in this area and know just how to fix these type of problems, as well as prevent them.

Most  people would think that lightning strikes would be the biggest cause of power surges, and they do cause quite a bit o damage, but there are all sorts of other things that can cause these nasty power surges.

It might surprise you that the most of the electrical surges are caused not by lightning, but by the compressors and motors in household appliances themselves. If the electrical currents are not suppressed and properly wired, when these systems stop suddenly and then start up again it is possible that an electrical surge can be created – this can result in damages to your home’s electrical appliances.

Although it is not possible to prevent power surges from happening  completely, there are a couple options you have to protecting your home appliances for the most part. By using  Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) you will be able to divert most of the unwanted power towards the ground, and thus protect your electrical equipment. Along with with a good home grounding system, this will most likely protect your electronic and electrical appliances from most of the electrical surges that occur.

electrical surge protectionThere are a couple different types of SPDs, the main differences lie in how they are hooked up, their functions and processing. Today with advanced technology you are able to control and suppress some of the most powerful surges that occur.

But you  all that, you don’t really have to understand completely, its our job to understand how to protect you best, and that’s what we do best. So call in the electrical experts in Sacramento to ensure that your home and appliances are ‘power surge’ safe

Our Sacramento Power surge protection services includes:

  • Access Power Automatic power Shut Offs
  • Transient voltage surge suppression devices (TVSSs)
  • We also install bright indicators so that you can see the status of your power supply, as well as to alarm you when the voltage gets out-of-control

We also provide easy installation and minimum maintenance of all these devices. All these devices are low cost and low risk. Sacramento electricians keeping you safe! [1]

We are fully licensed and insured! 

Get your local Sacramento electrician to help deal with these types of problems, we know what works in this city and don’t hesitate to call us at call us at (916) 520-8420


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