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For those who own their own business or have a commercial building in the area, having a Sacramento electrician on speed dial can be the difference between a blacked out office and regaining electricity quickly. As one of the top Sacramento commercial electrical contractors, our team can assist you with any type of electrical service your business may need.

For those with a new commercial building and needing new wiring or circuit upgrades, our highly trained electricians can meet with you on your specific needs and make sure all of your wiring is repaired and up to code. If you need just a few upgrades or small fixes for your building, we are ready with fully stocked trucks to make sure the job is completed quickly and professionally.

Our Service Area:

We serve Sac and all the areas therein. If you need an electrician in Davis, Elk Grove, Placerville, Citrus Heights, or even Stockton, we’ve got you covered!

Please contact us (916) 520-8420 for advice, troubleshooting and any information you need about electrical issues.

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