Month: August 2015

Residential Electric Demand Charges

The residential electrical consumer was never more empowered than they are today. In this day and age there is simply no excuse for not doing all that you can do to save on your electrical bill and your homes electric usage. There is a wealth of knowledge out there on the internet to learn from, […]

The Importance of planning for safe electrical work

It is pretty safe to say that our world pretty much runs on electricity, in fact just about every factor of our lives relies on electricity working well, and if for some reason it is not working it doesn’t take much to notice. In fact according to where it states the Greatest Achievement of […]

Get Involved From The Inside

One phrase that always stands out in my head whenever people are talking about industry problems, faulty standards and areas of codes and other regulations that are less than optimal is ‘get involved’. People are always quick to point out the flaws in NEC regulations or other code books but those very same people are […]