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Sacramento Art and Culture

Many people believe that Sacramento’s glory and charm lay in its past history and heritage, all beginning with the gold rush in 1849, which led to the development of the city itself. Many believe that present day Sacramento doesn’t have a lot to offer anymore, some find it mediocre and boring. I say that it is not so, with a city so rich in American History being born straight out one of the most exiting eras in Northern California, it doesn’t need modern skylines and bustling streets to define it.

Sacramento does a great job of letting its heritage and culture live on today, if you appreciate being surrounded by history you will enjoy Old Sacramento and its well persevered buildings. Sacramento is a cultural hub, it is full of museums, art exhibits, playhouses, ballets, operas and sports teams. They even hold the Sammies every year – the local Sacramento Music awards!

One of its most enjoyable features is the great weather you get in this city, this is something everyone can enjoy. Snuggled in-between the two great rivers, Sacramento experiences wet mild winters, and hot, dry summers. With its generous amount of coffee houses and cafes, cultural events and shows, one is able to thoroughly enjoy this glorious city and its climate.

Updated on June 25, 2016