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This is a great article right here on renewing your journeyman electrical license. This is absolutely not something that can be taken lightly, every single electrician in the state of california is required to have a state license or be working under someone that does. Please fellow sacramento community members do not have an unlicensed electrician working in your house. We are not even suggesting that you have to use us as your first choice but we do strongly urge you to use an electrician who has met the state requirements and knows the severity and consequences behind the work that hes doing. Not sure if an electrician is licensed that is doing your work? Its simple, just visit google and literally search them out and their company for a license or ask them to provide it to you. For all of our fellow electricians out there make sure to stay current on your licenseing, here is a great article on renewing your license below.

How to Renew Your Journeyman Electrician License

by Fred Decker, Demand Media

Electricians install wiring in homes and commercial buildings.

Electricians install wiring in homes and commercial buildings.


Electricians and other skilled tradespeople typically learn their trade through a formal apprenticeship. These consist of at least 144 hours of classroom instruction per year, and at least 2,000 hours of paid work in the field, mentored and supervised by licensed journeymen or master electricians. Apprenticeships usually last four years. Trade and vocational schools offer training programs for electricians, which can be counted toward the apprenticeship requirements. Once apprentices are tested and certified as journeymen, they must regularly renew their state journeyman license. Each state’s regulations are different, but the broad strokes are similar.

Work actively in your trade. Most states won’t allow you to renew your license unless you have worked as an electrician within the past six months. You can apply for a waiver or exception if you’ve been unable to work because of an extended illness or disability.

Step 2Complete your state’s continuing education requirements. For example, California requires 32 hours of pertinent training per renewal period, while Wisconsin mandates 24 hours of continuing education. Again, some states will provide a waiver or extension in the event of a disability or serious illness.

Download a copy of your state’s license renewal forms, or request them by mail. Some states, such as Texas, offer online renewal through their websites.

Step 4Fill out the application for renewal, completing all required fields on the form and providing any necessary documentation to verify your work hours and continuing education credits.
Step 5Submit the form, with the appropriate fees, well in advance of your renewal date. Depending on your state, this might be your birthday or the anniversary of your initial license.