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Breakers and Fuses


Circuit breaker maintainance

Have you noticed frequent tripping when plugging in electrical appliances?  

A common cause of a recurring breaker tripping is a loose circuit, that, or you could be experiencing a electrical overload. In either case, it’s probably time you got your circuit breaker box and circuit breakers checked by an licensed electrician, you may need some circuit breakers replaced or upgraded.

A circuit breaker is a definite must in any home or work place, don’t have any thing electrical without having one of these. In our modern world with so many of our gadgets and appliances running on electricity, having circuit breakers is one of the most important safety measures you can take in your home or work place. In the same way it is just as important to get your break box and circuits breakers checked to ensure they are operating at safe levels with no risk of burning out and becoming a possible fire hazard.

When there is too much electrical current running through the wiring, these simple little switches, simply cut the power preventing dangerous accidents. While a loose circuit may be easily fixed by tightening the connections at the breaker box, it is strongly advised to get this done by a licensed, experienced electrician.

The circuit breaker, the wire and even the wire insulation are all designed to work as a system—and that system has limits. Try to push more current through a circuit than it’s designed for and things start happening.  Wires heat up under the burden of carrying the excess current. This causes the insulation around the wire to degrade or even melt. When the insulation melts the current is no longer confined within the wire. This is what causes fires to start. Fortunately, here is where the job of the circuit breaker comes in, the circuit breaker can gauge the excess current and “trips” to stop the flow of power before damage occurs.


Possible reasons why circuit breakers and fuses trip the power:

  1. There is a short somewhere on the circuit.
  2. The circuit is overloaded.
  3. The circuit breaker is faulty or broken.

Our electricians can provide any repairs, replacements or new installations of circuit breakers or fuses.

Our Fuses & Breaker services include:

  • Circuit Breaker Troubleshooting
  • Circuit Breaker Repair and Replacement
  • Fuse Panel Replacement and Upgrades

I you are experiencing any electrical problems, get it first identified by  a Sacramento licensed electrician before doing anything else, problems caught earlier on can save addition repairs, higher costs and unnecessary hassle.

There is no problem that we cannot fix, big or small.

Since the fuses and circuit breakers are located at the main service panel, you cannot simply turn off the main power to the panel like you can when working with power outlets. This means that you working with powerful live electricity, you should not attempt to replace a fuse or circuit breaker yourself. Don’t take chance, call us (916) 520-8420 instead of doing it yourself.