How to Properly Install a Ceiling Fan

There are some household electrical appliances that have become a staple in almost every house over time. One of these is the ceiling fan. A ceiling fan is one of the more practical and useful items one can have in their house as it serves multiple purposes.

Along with providing a nice, decorative look for your home, a ceiling fan is also useful to cool the rooms in your home and help to circulate air. Having a ceiling fan can be especially useful during those hot summer months or just generally in climates that tend to be hotter all year round.

If you are looking into some of the many benefits of utilizing ceiling fans in your home and possibly even looking to install one there are some important factors that you should be aware of and useful tips that will help you. The following article by Joseph Truini is a step-by-step guide on how to install a ceiling fan:

A ceiling fan in motion.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan

The popularity of ceiling fans continues to grow as more and more homeowners discover dramatic, year-round energy savings. In summer, ceiling fans create cooling breezes, which reduce the strain on air conditioners. In winter, they circulate heated air to keep the room warm.

Installing a ceiling fan is relatively simple, especially if the space above is accessible from an attic. However, even when it isn’t, the job is still quite doable. Here, we’ll show how to replace an old light fixture with a new ceiling fan and light, in a room with no attic above. The advantage of this approach is that you don’t have to run new wiring. The fan connects to the existing cable from the old light. Read more…

There are a number of different factors to take into consideration when you are either thinking about choosing a ceiling fan for your home or more importantly when it comes down to actually installing it.

We always would recommend that you choose a qualified and licensed professional (see our official website) when it comes down to getting any electrical work done in your home or office. You might get the urge to do it yourself or even hire a handyman when it comes to some of these smaller jobs but we would really suggest you not do that.

However if you are particularly handy and you’ve done this once before and just need a few tips, this guide is for you. The following article featured on tells you specifics on what you should think about or consider when you are planning to install or replace a ceiling fan in your home:

Specs for replacing a ceiling fan

Install or Replace a Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan you install should be the right size for the room:

Rooms that measure about 75 square feet need a fan with a 29- to 36-inch blade diameter.
For rooms measuring 76 to 144 square feet, choose a fan with a blade diameter of 36 to 42 inches.
If the room size is 144 to 225 square feet, select a fan with a 44-inch blade diameter.
For rooms that are 225 to 400 square feet, use a fan with a blade diameter of 50 to 54 inches.
When installed, the fan blade tips should be at least 30 inches from the walls and other obstructions. The bottom edges of the blades should be at least 7 feet above the floor. Once you select a fan, check the included documentation for any additional requirements for blade clearance or ceiling height. Read more…

Now that you have a better idea of the exact steps you will need to take when installing or replacing a ceiling fan you can now use that information to form a better picture of the whole project from the beginning. As you can see from the article above it is extremely important to take measurements before even thinking about choosing the right ceiling fan.

Note: If you need a ceiling fan installation in Sacramento we recommend you call us. We are not recommending you try to complete this project yourself if you are not qualified.

Now that you have absorbed both of the articles above and have hopefully gotten any questions that you might have had, answered. It would be beneficial for you to put all these different steps into a mental picture in your mind. The following is a step-by-step tutorial in video format of How to install or replace a ceiling fan:

How To Replace or Install a Ceiling Fan – The Home Depot

It is our hope that after reading this article and absorbing all the information herein that you will be both better informed and have the practical knowledge necessary to complete your ceiling fan installation.

We do however want to state again that we would always recommend hiring a professional, licensed electrician to handle the task of installing or replacing a ceiling fan both for safety and insurance purposes. This and article is meant to be only an informational resource for those already determined to handle the installation process themselves.