What is an Electrician?

What is an Electrician?

If your house needs the installation of a new electrical system, embarking on this project as a DIY task could be risky. This is why you need the services of a licensed, insured, professional and qualified electrician. If the electrical system within a building has developed problems thus in need of repairs or replacements, don’t hesitate to assign this task to somebody with the credentials required to handle such work. Attempting to handle the replacements or repairs on your own could put the lives of every person within the building at risk. Moreover, the local authorities require specially trained individuals to perform works related to the electrical system.

Services an Electrician Offers

The electrician does not limit his services to residential homes alone. He also extends his services to factories and commercial premises. Any person who desires to work as an electrician has a variety of careers from which to choose. The jobs include working as or in:

  • Self-employed contractor
  • Institutional electrician
  • Industrial Electrician
  • In commercial jobs
  • Lineworker
  • Residential construction

Skills an Electrician Needs

In fact, this profession is in the list of the Top 10 careers worth pursuing going forward. The profession that involves installation, repairs and replacements of electrical systems are among the most lucrative and full of good prospects for the future. However, to have a good chance of working successfully in the installation, repairs and replacements of electrical systems, you must be good at the following:

  1. Problem solving
  1. Working with your hands
  1. Able to communicate well and clearly
  1. Excellent mathematical skills
  1. Physically fit
  1. Unafraid of tiny spaces and heights
  1. A team player
  1. Detail oriented
  1. Display a willingness to learn and improve your skills
  1. Business skills
  1. Color vision
  1. Critical-thinking skills
  1. Customer service skills
  1. Troubleshooting skills

Complex Nature of an Electrician’s Work

The main work of the electrician, which is the installation and maintenance of electrical systems, might appear like a Electrical Panel Sacramento, CAsimple and uncomplicated duty, but the truth is that it is not. For example, he has to find a path for electricity from the source right to the part of the building where it is needed. He does this without putting the life of any person in the building at risk. If he is to accomplish such tasks, the electrician must have a good understanding of the various electrical codes to which he must adhere or abide. He must have the ability to examine blueprints and translate them into actual practice before embarking on system installation or maintenance.

Why are electricians necessary?

To appreciate the work that electricians do, remember that without them none of these would be a reality:

  • Computers
  • Telephones
  • Lights
  • Televisions

In fact, without them, you would be unable to communicate with a loved one, friend or workmate. Factories would come to a standstill if these experts in installation and maintenance of electrical systems were not around. This is because they’re necessary for fixing robots, generators and motors that work improperly inside the factories. Electricity provides numerous comforts, but none of these would be possible without the work done by the experts in installation and maintenance of electrical systems. The benefits of electricity would be impossible to fathom in the absence of this group of technicians.

Requirements for working as an electrician

Any person who desires to work as an electrician must meet the basic educational requirements. A high school diploma is a necessity or its equivalent. You also need to go to a technical school to learn basic electrical information, safety practices, and circuitry. In many a jurisdiction, you would have to undergo continuous education or training. The ongoing training would focus on understanding electrical code-related changes, safety practices as well as specific products by particular manufacturers. An apprenticeship program might also be a necessity before embarking on such a career.

Finally, by virtue of their profession, electricians suffer an incredibly high amount of injuries and illnesses. Therefore, it’s imperative that they learn how to protect themselves while installing or maintaining any electrical system. This explains why inexperienced and untrained individuals should never handle such work. He needs to undergo continuous training to ensure that his skills and knowledge are at par with what is taking place within the industry bearing in mind the fact that new electrical systems enter the market almost every day because of the constant technological advancements.