Problems with Zinsco Electrical Panels

We have had customers calling us for years here in Northern California with problems they are experiencing with their Zinsco electric panel. These panels have been causing problems for a long time now and a lot of people consider them a hazard. It has definitely become a confusing subject because problems with the Zinsco panels cannot be seen by the naked eye. Problems of this nature even go a step further, because even with the panel cover removed and everything working fine, you STILL might not be able to discern that there is a problem. Lots of times an electrician will try to remove the breakers from the box only to find out that they are welded together and cannot be removed. In a situation like this, a breaker would be unable to trip, which is definitely an electrical problem to say the least.

With problems concerning electrical panels, and more specifically, Zinsco panels, please have a certified, qualified and most importantly licensed electrician handle this job. The breakers inside the panel may even appear to be off but meanwhile and still in fact conducting electricity.

These Zinsco panels were manufactured back in the mid 1970’s and most electrical experts say that they would not pass code in today’s standards.

Some of the problems include:

-The panel containing aluminium

-The connection of the breaker to the bus bar is often not solid

-It seems the bus bar corrodes quite easily

-Breakers may appear to be off when they are actually not


I don’t think that I need to go into very specific details about why each of these scenarios can pose a great threat to your home or business.


What Homeowners Should Know About Zinsco Panels

Electrical panels are one of, if not thee most important appliance in the house. It contains all the electrical circuitry that powers each individual device and appliance in it. In actuality, inside of that one box it contains the power for every electrical appliance and device that you use on a day to day basis, the last thing that you want is to experience problems inside of this box, it can be extremely dangerous.


If you suspect that you have a Federal Pacific Electric panel or a Zinsco panel inside of your home or office, you owe it to yourself and your family to have it checked out immediately and make sure that you get the ok from a licensed electrician that has you and your families safety in mind. Please, do not leave these kind of things to chance and say “Well, it should be fine”. Listen, fine is NOT good enough, not when it comes to you and your family’s well-being.


Even if it’s not your home that has one of these panels, it could be your friend, family member or colleague, please do the right thing and have talk with them about having these potential hazards checked out. Money really is no object in the face your future and safety.


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