Why You Shouldn’t do Your Own Electrical Work

There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t do your own electrical work. I remember when I was being trained on the job as a young man and the master electrician that I worked with would teach me these important lessons. It is so critical to be safe when dealing with electricity and I have personally seen people get injured on the job, it is nothing to play around with, if you are not licensed to do electrical work, please don’t. You could think that you are doing every possible thing right but then you happen to have a part of your body and skin touching something metal or something to ground you while you are installing something and BAM! You get shocked. Usually it will just be a little shock or something like that but if you happen to get caught between a neutral and you then BECOME the neutral it will hurt like you wouldn’t believe. The bottom line is please, at the end of the day the price you pay will be well worth it so that you will know your electrical work was done right. Here is a great article that really does well to illustrate what we’ve been talking about here. The following article was written by kat tate

Why DIY electrical work is dangerous

It’s kind of common sense that fiddling with wires and circuits is dangerous – even deadly – work.

Even expert electricians have had close calls during their career, and they are people who are qualified to investigate and repair electrical issues. So it’s no wonder why the law is black and white on licensing and laws – electrical work is simply too dangerous for the layman to attempt.

Sure, forking out hundreds of dollars for a licensed electrician to fix a fault may seem unnecessary when you are a handy person with renovation experience. But is your life only worth a few hundred dollars?

Let’s imagine the lights in your home and flickering. You peer into the fuse box and start tinkering with wires. It may sound like an easy, innocent job, but you are putting yourself at severe risk of high-voltage electric shock. Not only that, but dodgy electrical work could cause a devastating house fire and put your property and family at serious risk. Even an overheated wire can cause a fire.

Why you shouldn’t hire an unlicensed electrician

OK, so you’re convinced that DIY electrical work is a no-go. While the industry is Australia is heavily regulated, it still pays to do your homework and ensure you hire a licensed, experienced electrician.

Because if you hire an unlicensed electrician, you run the risk of having dodgy work done on your property. That could end up costing you a fortune in the future, void your home insurance, and cost you tens of thousands of dollars in fines.

Ask the electrician for proof of licensing. You can check licensing laws in your state or territory on the Licensed Trades website. Once you know what’s required, ask the electrician to show you their current license, as well as insurances. Then, run a license check to verify their registration.

Can I do any electrical work myself?

Beyond changing a lightbulb, not really. Check with the regulatory body in your state or territory, although most tend to say the same. Yes, even putting in a new power point is prohibited, since the risks just aren’t worth it.

That being said, it’s a good idea to understand what’s inside your fuse box. You may only need to flick a switch to restore power, rather than calling out an emergency electrician