New Electrician Blog

We have just opened up this brand new electrician blog section for our fellow sacramento community members to read about and enjoy some posts, articles and recommendations. We will be keeping this section of the website extremely up to date and fresh with all types of news and information in regards to both sacramento and electrical news such as new wiring code, NEC standards and updates and also we will keep it up to date with some of our recent additions to our team. It is our hope that you will love the information contained herein. It will be a mix of informal style information where we will communicate with you guys in the most sincere ways

We will also have a section for Q & A where you will be able to ask any kinds of questions you might have whether it has to do with pricing or some questions you might have about remodeling your home or safety precautions. Also, we will provide some pictures of some of our fabulous work and videos of things you might just find fascinating. 🙂

Do you have any questions or comments about this section? Any ideas in your mind about what you’d like to be featured here? Some suggestions as to the type of content that you’d like to see. Click here and tell us all about it!